Fizzy Juice For Weight Loss: Everything to know about

Fizzy Juice For Weight Loss
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Fizzy Juice For Weight Loss

Can fizzy juices reduce weight or help in weight loss? This is the question you’ve been searching on the internet but no need to search anymore, yes you’ve heard it right. In today’s article we will closely study the effect of fizzy juices on our body and get to know about Fizzy Juice For Weight Loss.

The concept of fizzy juices are taken from the ikarian tribe’s natural herb formula but consumption of these juices won’t cause any side effects.

First, let’s try to understand what fizzy juices are and what causes weight gain. 

Fizzy Juice For Weight Loss

The Difference between Regular and Weight Loss Fizzy Juices?

Fizzy juices are not like any ordinary juices, they are carbonated drinks. Carbonated drinks are the ones which have carbon-di-oxide properly dissolved in it. You’ve noticed that consumption of fizzy drinks often feels like they are burning and sparkling in your throat. 

Generally fizzy drinks contain citric acid or sodium citrate. Weight loss fizzy drinks contain natural products such as stevia leaves and fruit juices etc for sweetening purposes. Usage of natural sweeteners plays a vital role in reduction of weight.

While in case of regular refreshment juices their consumption can cause severe diseases. According to a study a middle aged person who consumes refreshment fizzy juices on a regular basis had 30 percent more visceral fat than the other person who does not consume refreshment fizzy juices.

Visceral fat generally accumulates on the pancreas, liver and intestines which increases the risk of severe diseases like coronary heart attack and diabetes. Refreshment fizzy juices consist of artificial sweeteners for enhancing its flavour. A drawback of using artificial sweeteners is that our body is not capable of digesting this sugar to further use it as energy.  

What Causes Weight Gain

The actual reason for weight gain is intake of extra calories in our body. Addition of extra calories in our diet will not be a problem if we consume it through physical activities. 

As technologies are improving day by day the amount of physical activities are decreasing. This leads to the formation of fat in our body. The main source of fat is the diet which is rich in high sugar value.

Can Weight Loss Fizzy Juices Reduce Weight

At Least once in your lifetime you have come across the term diet, zero sugar and naturally sweetened fizzy drinks. Zero sugar fizzy juices contain sodium citrate whereas diet fizzy juices contain citric acid. 

We have already discussed that these drinks also contain natural sweeteners like stevia leaves as a substitute for artificial sweeteners so the risk of indigestion of the sugar and accumulation of fat is reduced. 

The weight loss fizzy drinks provide lower calories than regular drinks(i,e., A 500ml of regular coke contains over 12 teaspoons of sugar or above 50g of sugar and 200 kcal while the diet coke contains 0g sugar and 4 kcal).

From the above mentioned comparison of diet and regular coke it is visible that diet and zero sugar fizzy drinks are effective for weight loss but the results will not be visible in.one day or one week it will take time. 

Now, let’s discuss about the ingredients of the weight loss fizzy drinks.

Ingredients OF Weight Loss Fizzy Drinks


Weight Loss Fizzy Drinks


There are many different types of ingredients used according to the need in homemade weight loss fizzy drinks but some of the most common ingredients are as follows:-

S.No Ingredient Description
1 Celery high fiber and antioxidant content, up to 95% water
2 Beet great for blood vessels and circulation, and contains dietary nitrates.
3 Pomegranate rich in antioxidants and improves circulation
4 Apple Cider Vinegar Reduces Excess Fat
5 Lemon reduces thesis production to improve weight loss
6 Carrot rich in fiber and water content
7 Watermelon rich in water and nutrient
8 Citrus Pectin reduces cravings and flushes out toxic metals from the body
9 Resveratrol rejuvenates cells and supports a healthy heart and arteries
10 Purple Cucumber It helps in burning belly fat as well as increasing overall fat loss in the body
11 Cucumber reduces bloat so you look thinner.
12 Blueberries low in sugar and naturally increase metabolism
13 Apple naturally increase metabolism and help curb appetite
14 Carbonated Water To make sparkling fizzy juice effect


The weight loss fizzy drinks are well effective in reducing body weight but it will take time. The effects of consuming these drinks can be increased by doing some regular physical activities.

There are many fizzy drinks available in the market but not every fizzy drink can reduce weight. Some of them may increase your weight, we suggest you to make your own weight loss fizzy drinks at home, as you can add ingredients in it according to your calorie count.

But, completely depending upon weight loss fizzy drinks for reducing weight may not be a great idea as the results are visible to you after much time and during this whole period you have to be consistent which is not easy as it seems to be. 

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