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How do I organize my office snacks
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How do I organize my office snacks?

The healthy Snack option is one such thing that every working professional craves. But most of the time due to a busy lifestyle the most common question that pops up in our mind is How do I organize my office snacks? We are here to help you out with the best recommendations for organising your office snacks like a pro. Check out these office snack storage ideas for creating your better self at the office.

Even with a lunch break, the workday may be lengthy, so you can still feel hungry in the late afternoon. Keep some nutritious snacks at your desk for times when you become hungry rather than grabbing some potato chips and sweets from the vending machine.

A desk drawer is a convenient place to keep various nutritious snacks, including almonds, dried fruit, oats, and peanut butter. Proper storage containers are required for perishable snacks like fruits, vegetables, cheese, and other foods as they are a bit more difficult to keep fresh. An office snack cabinet would be a great choice if you wish to organise your snacks better.

office snack storage ideas

Practice portion control by dividing your meals into serving-size containers so you’re constantly aware of how much you’re consuming. This will help keep your snacks nutritious. A set of cutlery should always be kept in your desk drawer so you are ready to take a snack whenever the whim strikes. you can take extra cutlery which will help you in providing snacks to employees who are working with you.

Many meals may be eaten with plastic utensils, but if you favour tougher snacks that you often cut, like apples, you might want to pack a sharp knife to make cutting simpler. The majority of foods may be consumed with your hands, however, oatmeal and cereal may need a spoon. When spreading spreads on crackers and other foods or slicing soft foods like cheese, a butter knife comes in useful.


Perhaps you might also put some paper plates and napkins in your drawer. Keep any spices or condiments you often use on your snacks in your snack drawer as well. You may add a couple of packets of black pepper or a bottle of cinnamon to sprinkle over snacks, for instance.

You may wish to have a bottle of olive oil or vinegar at your desk if you like to eat salad as a snack. Because they are strong in protein and rapidly fill you up, peanut butter and other nut butter, such as almond or cashew butter, may make a nutritious snack. The best part is that you can keep a jar in your desk drawer since it can be kept at room temperature.

Pick a natural nut butter for the healthiest alternative. Compared to more processed varieties, it won’t contain as much sugar. Nut butter may be eaten directly from the jar or spread over crackers, rice cakes, and fruit slices.

As long as you maintain your crackers and rice cakes in sealed packaging, you may easily store them in a desk drawer. They also go great with hummus, nut butter, and other nutritious spreads. The best choice is whole grain or vegetable-based crackers; choose plain rice cakes to reduce sugar and salt. Because you can more easily regulate your portion size, little rice cakes are often the greatest choice when attempting to eat healthily.

How do I organize my office snacks

Instead of keeping crackers and rice cakes in a sleeve or bag, it is a good idea to split them out beforehand. You won’t have as much of a chance to consume more than one serving size at once. Purchase little packages or split them yourself using plastic containers. A benefit for staff well-being that is simple to miss is keeping your office snack game strong. But make no mistake, it’s a little thing that seems to make a big difference in terms of staff satisfaction and morale.

Free snacks should be provided at work, according to a 2015 poll by supermarket delivery firm Peapod. If there were free snacks or drinks available at work, employees said they were happy. It was a crucial perk for employees in the millennial generation.

You may already be aware of the advantages of offering workplace snacks. According to data from catering business ZeroCater, the typical employer spends over $14,800 each month on beverages and snacks for the workplace, with 59% handling their snack programme themselves.

Here are some excellent ideas for your questions regarding How do I organize my office snacks?

  • Sort it by mood:

Snacks in the office might be used to motivate staff to take a little break from their job. According to MIT researchers, taking frequent breaks might increase productivity and sharpen your attention. By providing refreshments for staff, you may naturally encourage them to leave the workplace, socialise, and refocus.

Think about dividing up your food and drinks to create various social moods across the workplace. For instance, one section may be designated as the office’s “coffee shop,” where people can have coffee, tea, and cafe-style foods while sitting at high-top tables and listening to soft music. It creates a welcoming environment that people will inevitably seek out whether they need a break or want to work with coworkers.

snacking and dining at

A short grab-and-go snack shop might be located in a different area of the workplace. a snack station at work can serve the purpose for you if there are healthy options available at it. When you need a lunchtime boost, think of it as the place to get a meal to carry back to your work. The purpose of showcasing your food is to use them to alter your perspective. This may be the reason why professionals advise us to consider distinct zones when thinking about workplace design.

  • Increase the allure of healthy food alternatives:

One aspect is crucial whether your snacks are on display in a welcoming break room or an office bistro: you want healthy selections to be prominently displayed. Numerous studies have shown that eating junk food causes drowsiness and weariness, two conditions that will not make your staff feel their best. When choosing snacks for your team, use healthful options to prevent sugar crashes. Everything about this relates to accessibility.

In an intriguing experiment, Google placed M&Ms on exhibit in opaque jars while displaying healthful foods like dried fruit in transparent containers. The next seven weeks saw workers consuming 3.1 million fewer calories from M&Ms. The most important lesson here is to plan your workplace snacks to encourage healthy eating, which will boost well-being and productivity.

  • Remember to set up your beverage station:

Snack foods are merely one aspect of the picture. The other is what you can drink at the workplace. Spend some time considering the atmosphere as you set up your drink station. Purchasing ceramic coffee cups, for example, benefits the environment and encourages employees to mingle, pour a cup, and stay a long by fostering an at-home atmosphere at the workplace.

Additionally, appropriate cups and glasses are an essential component of your office’s overall look. In addition, even while they do cost money upfront, they wind up being less expensive in the long term than continually obtaining paper cups. This is related to environmental waste, which is highly important to workers, especially millennials.

office snack cabinet

Most employees in this group would even accept a wage reduction to work for an ecologically conscious organisation. Consider alternatives to paper cups, such as fresh-brewed coffee pots instead of single-use coffee capsules. After Keurig introduced their now-famous K-Cups, enough of them had been sold around the globe ten times within a decade. What a waste that is.

  • Give the public what it wants:

Organizing your snacks should prioritise purchasing items that your employees really desire. Send out surveys on a regular basis to check what kinds of snacks people want and if there are any good ideas you haven’t thought of yet. Include your staff in the discussion.

Set the assumption that keeping things clean needs a team effort and all hands on deck, regardless of how your workplace snacks are set up. To make it as smooth as possible, provide eco-friendly cleaning supplies in snack areas. Most people would agree that the little effort is a reasonable trade-off for the availability of free (and delicious) treats at work.

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