How to use MCT oil for weight loss in 2023

How to use mct oil for weight loss
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How to use mct oil for weight loss? Why is everyone talking about it?

New and unique diet plans coming into the health domain are not a recent phenomenon. There are a significant number of diets out there claiming to combat weight gain and body fat. In this article we will discuss about How to use MCT oil for weight loss in 2023?

MCT oils are one such trend gaining high popularity over their supposed weight loss impacts at the moment. They are a part of the ketogenic diet, whose popularity is at its peak and whose market size is expected to expand significantly over the coming years.

Setting aside scientific jargon involving MCT oils, let’s try to find out what makes MCT oils a better food oil alternative.

What is MCT oil?

MCT Oil is a type of saturated fat extracted from other natural oil sources and contains a high percentage of MCT. Major MCT sources are coconut oil (54–65%), palm kernel oil (50–55%), and cream and dairy products (8–9%).

Now a question arises: what are saturated fats? Well, fats in food can be divided into four categories, one of which is saturated fat. Saturated fats have long been in the gray area due to skepticism regarding their health impacts. But recent studies suggest a lack of data supporting these claims. This concludes that they are not as harmful as they were once though.

The keto diet is a very low-fat, low-carb diet. It believes that carbohydrates in our diet should make up 10% of our total energy source. MCT oils produce big weight loss impacts, but if a keto diet regime is followed along, you will see more substantial changes.

In a study involving 24 obese males, it was discovered that a diet of flaxseed oil, phytosterols, and MCT oil for 29 days lowered a whopping 12.5% of cholesterol.

How to use mct oil for weight loss

Does it really help in losing weight?

MCT oil reduces blood sugar levels. It lowers glucose levels in the body, helping diabetics, pre-diabetics, and other health-conscious eaters to lose weight. Studies have also suggested an increase in insulin resistance among MCT oil users.

Small-scale researches say that among obese individuals, MCT oil, if used in place of olive oil, helps them lose weight. However, results are valid in decreasing obesity only if regular oil is replaced. Any oil, if eaten in more than moderate amounts, will cause severe health impacts.

Studies on MCT (medium chain triglycerides) suggest that they tend to oxide to a greater extent than long chain triglycerides, which makes it tough for them to deposit on the adipose tissue (body fat). In simple terms, a decrease in fat deposition. Use of MCT oils has also been observed to decrease inflammation in the body.

How to use MCT oil for weight loss?

Replacing unhealthy items with healthy ones should be your go-to mantra for weight loss.

The mistake people make while practicing mindful eating is that they add food products without cutting out other relatively bad items from their diet. Such methods leave you in worse shape than before. The same goes for MCT oil. Replace your regular oil with MCT oil. Do not increase your fat intake by consuming MCT oils over your daily fats.

To start with, you can replace your regular olive oil in foods with MCT oils. However, remember that MCT oil has a lower smoke point. Heating it above that point will cause its chemical bonding to change, spoiling the purpose of its initial usage. Try adding it to food items that require low to moderate cooking of about 320 °F.

Or you can add it directly to ready-to-eat food items like your daily beverages, coffee or tea. You may choose it over olive oils in salad dressings, add it to your vegetable juices, or customize its way into your regular diet.

Science behind MCT Oil, scientifically known as Medium Chain Triglyceride Oil, is a part of the keto diet regime. MCT oils help your body reduce weight due to the nature of their contents.

Peptide YY found in MCT oils decreases brain reception to hunger in the human body. In other words, curbing your appetite While leptin found in MCT oils regulates hunger-energy balance and does not make you unnecessarily crave food, Studies have suggested a lower energy intake resulting from the consumption of foods containing MCT.

MCT also increases mitochondrial biogenesis, in simple words the energy pockets in your mitochondria inside your cells grows bigger.  MCT acts as an athletic diet that can have positive impacts.

MCT oils generally contain C8 aka caprylic acid, C6 also called capric acid, or a combination of these two. It has been observed that MCT oils help improve cognition and memory retention in mild to moderate Alzheimer’s patients. AD patients suffer from a damaged cerebral glucose mechanism. MCT oils are meant for glucose reduction as they are part of a keto diet plan. Ketones are produced when the body does not have carbs to use as an energy source. This explains the improved conditions among AD patients on consumption of MCT oils.

Any other benefits?

It significantly reduces metabolic risk factors in the body. Improvement in physical endurance was a direct consequence of replacing regular oil with MCT oils and improved athletic performance was observed. MCT oils also improve metabolism.

The impacts of MCT oils on fats ultimately prevent you from cardiovascular disease

While researching the effects of MCT oils on patients with Alzheimer’s they were kept on a 20g MCT / 50g keto diet. The results showed improvement in memory retention and cognition. It provides clarity by quickly disseminating brain fog which ultimately improves reaction and memory retention.

Final Thoughts 

As more youngsters and adults are getting health conscious. It is time to take a look into the scientific impacts of ingested food products. You are what you eat. It is high time to question what you are eating. Be more health conscious by looking into the bodily, social, economic and environmental impacts of your food.

Oils and fats are one of the major causes of weight gain. If you feel you have gained weight, the primary question to ask yourself is whether your cooking oil is healthy or not. MCT oils are a better oil alternative if you are looking out for your weight and much more.


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